Grand Canyon Tours From Sedona

The Many Ways to Visit the Grand Canyon from Sedona

Grand CanyonA day-trip to visit Grand Canyon from Sedona should not be neglected, regardless if you take a tour or travel independently. Two and a half hours north of Sedona, a natural wonder of the world awaits – the Grand Canyon.   This magnificent gorge has impressed millions of people with its vast span in history and space!

Over 6 million years old, the Grand Canyon has carved a massive work of art into the Colorado Plateau that is rivaled in its mind-boggling magnificence and awe-inspiring size by few locations on earth. At its foundation, erosion has uncovered rocks that are almost 2 billion years old – amongst the oldest rock formations revealed on earth. A excursion to the Grand Canyon ranks high on our list of things to do while in Sedona.

Guided Tours of Grand Canyon from Sedona

Lots of travelers to Sedona choose to join a fully-guided Grand Canyon National Park Tour. A guided trip has many benefits: A experienced tour guide educated in the history, geology, tradition wildlife and plants offers an fascinating and highly enlightening initiation to this amazing place, and there is no trouble with maps, car parking and discovering the best spots on the rim of the canyon. An escorted trip, departing from your hotel to visit the Grand Canyon from Sedona lets you to take it easy and leisurely absorb the fascinating anecdotes and the grandiose scenery of the Grand Canyon. 

Going to Grand Canyon from Sedona on Your Own

If you wish to venture to Grand Canyon from Sedona independently, a good place to start and get oriented is the Canyon View Information Plaza, often known as CVIP. The Grand Canyon Visitor Center or CVIP will be an very helpful resource to navigating the numerous places of interest and hiking possibilities accessible at the Grand Canyon. For more information, visit, Grand Canyon National Park official website.

Vehicle parking can be a serious problem due to minimal spaces. If you are fortunate enough to secure a parking space early, we recommend grabbing the spot and using the park’s free bus system to get around the many points of interest in the Grand Canyon Village area.

A wide variety of scenic vistas that are available by car are scattered all along the Grand Canyon’s spectacular south rim. Touring a variety of ought to be a priority during your visit to the Grand Canyon. Desert View Drive (Highway 64) runs right next to the canyon rim for 26 miles (forty two) from Grand Canyon Village to Desert View Point – the east gateway to the national park. It is strongly suggested to go into Grand Canyon National Park via its east entrance station to steer clear of the possible visitor congestion at the south main entrance. Desert View Drive is open to individual and family vehicles all throughout the year.

West of of Grand Canyon Village, Hermit Road goes by the rim for 8 miles (thirteen km) to Hermit´s Rest. Hermit Road is closed to private vehicles for much of the year; nonetheless, a free shuttle bus is maintained to make available access to this beautiful part of the Grand Canyon.

Hiking at Grand Canyon National Park

If trekking is of interest to you, there are several options of varying ranges of challenges. If you are searching for an gentle Grand Canyon hiking choice, the easy Rim Trail, hugging the rim from Yavapai Point to Hermit´s Rest, is your ticket. You can walk its extent or a variety of its segments, one of these, between Yavapai and Maricopa Points, is paved and extremely magnificent.

For those energetic types who want to really discover this breathtaking abyss, they may want to contemplate a journey into the canyon. The Grand Canyon affords fantastic views from the rim, but to really admire its enormous span, one must endeavor below the rim – on some of the most spectacular hiking trails anywhere in the world. Please be cautioned that any hike Grand Canyon National Park must be well organized with plenty of water, suitable hiking boots and clothing, along with a thorough evaluation of personal capabilities.<!> Going down is easy – nevertheless you have to come up, too. It is strongly suggested to contact the backcountry office in Grand Canyon Village for comprehensive hiking information. As an option, various outfitters provide full-day guided Grand Canyon Hiking excursions for those that want the added knowledge of a professional Grand Canyon Hiking guide.

Taking Great Pictures of the Grand Canyon

For striking views and picture taking, the earlier and later times of the day provide you with the most stunning illumination of the Grand Canyon. The sunshine is exceptionally bright; it normally flattens the view and weakens the magnificence of the canyon’s colors. Keep in mind that the days are limited in the winter and longer in the summer. This is of distinct significance if you arrange a day-trip to Grand Canyon from Sedona.

You should to allow a minimum of 10 hours from your departure to your return to have a good amount of time to enjoy the park. If your plans are to see Grand Canyon National Park around sunrise or sunset, it is a good idea that you be at your viewing destination at minimum an hour before. Yavapai Observation Station at Yavapai Point, positioned among the scenic points of the rim, affords unparalleled views of the canyon, including the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

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