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Tours in and Around Sedona, AZ

During your lifetime, you’ve most certainly seen hundreds of rocks; but unless you’ve been on a Sedona tour, you’ve never seen rocks like these! Sedona tours get you up close and personal with the many majestic red rock formations that characterize the terrain, and make the town a popular destination among casual tourists, outdoorsmen, and spiritualists alike. There are many ways to behold these rust-red buttes, towers, and spires, including sightseeing tours by foot or motor coach, ATV tours, Jeep tours, and horseback riding tours. Each one offers a unique experience, yet there is a common denominator—namely, beauty. 

HelicopterSightseeing tours will take you to many incredible natural landmarks located on the outskirts of the city limit. On them, you’ll ride in a spacious, temperature-controlled van out to each respective attraction; and upon arriving, you’ll jump out and approach them on your own two feet. Hiking trails are prevalent around Sedona, meaning that there’s almost always a groomed path on which to walk, no matter how remote the location. 

One popular attraction for sightseeing tours is Bell Rock, a phenomenal butte that dominates the sky and resembles a giant bell. Similarly provocative is the multi-spire Cathedral Rock, which will have you feeling like you’re walking the streets of medieval Europe. Or for a bit of a lighter feel, your might take you to Snoopy Rock, which bears a striking resemblance to Charles Schulz’s beloved dog—a definite “must see” for fans of the “Peanuts” comic strip. 

These and other rock formations offer opportunities to visit Sedona’s many vortexes, as well. Vortex sites are supposedly teeming with spiritual energy, and are excellent spots for meditation, healing, prayer, and accessing distant dimensions. While you may not have heard of vortexes before, rest assured, they’re popular. So popular, in fact, that there are many Sedona tours that make a special point of stopping at them. 

Still, even though it’s true that most Sedona tours center around the red rocks, there are an array of man-made wonders here, too. For example, you can check out the legendary Chapel of the Holy Cross, a Roman Catholic church that stands atop twin sandstone mesas that rise 250 ft. into the air. The view from inside is breathtaking, as the chapel looks out onto a panoramic vista that befits a postcard. Meanwhile, on a sightseeing excursion to Uptown Sedona, you can choose to walk or ride a Segway, and visit Jordan Historical Park or the cobblestone-lined streets of Tlaquepaque, a village-like outdoor shopping mall full of boutiques, galleries, and antique shops. 

Sedona ATV Tours

ATV ToursFor another novel way of taking in Sedona, you should consider an ATV tour—that’s short for “all terrain vehicle.” ATV tours typically last three or four hours, and get you atop the aforementioned trails for high-speed, open-air fun. There’s nothing quite like carving up the turf in the crisp air during the early morning hour, and coasting through West Sedona past Coffeepot Rock and Chimney Rock. Inexperienced riders need not fear, either, since ATV tours almost always come with brief training sessions to teach you how to accelerate, brake, and steer. 



Sedona Jeep Tours

slide10If you’d prefer not to drive, then a better option for you might be taking a Jeep tour. Sedona tours that travel by Jeep offer you the chance to be transported all around the Sedona backcountry for a combination of sightseeing and adventure like you wouldn’t believe! Because the vehicles are four-wheel drive, and Jeep tours are led by professional drivers, you’ll get to take on many obstacles that you’d avoid were you handling your own car. You’ll traverse boulders, shoot through dried out riverbeds, and climb high-grade slopes all in the same afternoon. And perhaps the best Jeep tours are those that take place at sunrise or sunset; the vibrant southwestern colors during those times of day are nothing short of miraculous. 

One final type of Sedona tour worth considering are horseback riding tours. Like Jeep tours, horseback riding tours put you in the driver’s seat; unlike them, however, the pace is slow and steady. Tours come with orientation sessions, and last from one hour, up to a full day. Due to the relaxed pace, you’ll have the opportunity to behold not just the hulking red rock formations, but also some of the desert’s finer details. Saguaro cacti, prickly pears, and soaptree yucca shrubs are among the many flora you could spot, while you may find jackrabbits and lizards scurrying right in front of you! 

As you can tell, there are many ways to take in the wondrous beauty of northern Arizona, but none better than with a professionally-guided tour of Sedona. The landmarks, both natural and man-made, are stunning. And best of all, whether you travel by motor coach, Segway, ATV, Jeep, or horseback, they’re readily accessible.

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