Things to do in Sedona

 Things to do in Sedona

Northern Arizona is full of gorgeous red rocks, and honestly, they have a large bearing on things to do in Sedona. Most of the tours up here center on the rock formations scattered all over the place, from buttes and monoliths, to spires and towers. Now, there are many excursions that we could highlight, but for the sake of convenience and brevity, we’ve boiled it down to five. Here then begins our list of things to do in Sedona.

Things to do in SedonaFirst is to tour the Chapel of the Holy Cross. This amazing architectural marvel was constructed during the 1950s, bringing to life sculptor Marguerite Brunswig Staude’s one-of-a-kind design. The Chapel of the Holy Cross sits atop twin mesas that lie approximately 200 ft. above the surrounding terrain, while it is itself characterized by an enormous, 90-ft.-tall concrete cross. It’s no coincidence that it’s ranked among Arizona’s seven man-made wonders.

Second on our things to do in Sedona list is hiking. Go on a guided tour over the Baldwin Trail, and you’re bound to get fantastic views of Cathedral Rock, an awe-inspiring red rock formation that resembles the Catholic cathedrals of Europe. Devil’s Bridge Hike, meanwhile, is a real leg burner, if you’re looking to put yourself to the test. Fay Canyon Arch Trail, Marg’s Draw, and Red Rock Crossing are just a few of the other winners that will put you in touch with Sedona’s innate beauty.

Third, if you’re willing to get wet and dirty, we would recommend that you spend a day in Slide Rock State Park. Here on the old Pendley Homestead, you’ll find slabs of smooth sandstone that have combined with the running waters to create a natural water slide. When you’re not scooting down the rocks, you’ll likely be lounging on them, soaking up the sun that beats down on them during the summer months.

Our fourth recommendation for things to do in Sedona is to head north to the Grand Canyon. You can do this in any number of ways, and each is incredible in its own right. The ride from nearby Williams, Arizona, on the Grand Canyon Railway is certainly worth mentioning, as are air tours that take you over the gorge’s vast interior. But no matter what you choose, you’ll get plenty of long looks at the Grand Canyon’s 4,000-ft. walls, broad plateaus, and jagged pinnacles, as well as the Colorado River.


Grand Canyon Ruins & Volcanoes Tour

Take a full day to enjoy northern Arizona’s many highlights. With stops at the Grand Canyon, Sunset Crater & Wupatki National Monuments, Cameron Trading Post and more, you’ll have your imagination stirred and your soul refreshed.


One final tip for you is to go on a hot air balloon ride. This unique method of aerial travel is much more peaceful than most. The morning air, during which these escapes take place, is crisp, cool, and refreshing; and the views of Red Rock State Park, Thunder Mountain, and other area attractions are second-to-none. More Details

So give our recommendations some time and thought, and then prepare yourself for one awesome getaway. We understand there are a lot of opinions concerning vacation options in northern Arizona, but we’re very confident that you won’t regret following our advice regarding things to do in Sedona. For more Sedona Tour information, Sedona Tours

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