What To Do In Sedona

The Many Things To Do In Sedona

What to do in Sedona? Northern Arizona is more than just the Grand Canyon. Sure, you’ll want to see that Natural Wonder of the World, but you’ll also want to make a trip to scenic Sedona, famous for its red rocks and diverse terrain. Things to do in Sedona abound, whether you’re looking for an intense experience, a few hours of relaxation, or something in between, you’re sure to find it in Sedona. In the following pages you’ll see our best choices of what to do in Sedona.


What to do in Sedona

Sedona is teeming with countless tours and activities. For more information on what to do in Sedona, click here:


A great way to explore the city’s past is with a trip to the Sedona Heritage Museum, which preserves memories of a simpler time. Nearby, on Highway 179, you can find excellent art galleries, or head to Tlaquepaque, the fantastic little bazaar that is patterned after a Mexican village of the same name. Any of these options will get you more in touch with Sedona’s cultural development and help you understand the things its residents hold most dear.

If you’re looking at what to do in Sedona, and are in the mood to explore it’s natural side, take one of the guided sightseeing tours that are offered. Hop aboard a plane or helicopter, and investigate the region’s peaks and valleys by air. Or jump onto an ATV, Jeep, or Hummer for an intense drive that’ll both educate and exhilarate! And, of course, there’s always hiking and biking. Sedona has plenty of trails that are appropriate for either activity, allowing you to experience the beauty in a more intimate way. Among the places you’ll want to see and discover are Bell Rock and the Chapel of the Holy Cross, as well as the energy-charged vortexes that dot the desert landscape.



A little further up the road, there are even more options. A trip to the ancient cave dwellings at Montezuma Castle National Monument is sure to leave your jaw on the floor. And a ride down the nature-made water slides at Slide Rock State Park will thrill and reinvigorate you! And even further away, but well worth the drive, is the ghost town of Jerome. You’ll appreciate its rustic beauty, which is now complemented by a battery of contemporary art galleries and studios. And while you’re there, don’t forget to drive out to Mingus Mountain!

So that, in a nutshell, is Sedona – activities galore. Come check it out and look to further to discover what to do in Sedona!

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