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It’s one thing to look up upon the skyscraping red rocks of Sedona. It’s a whole other thing to look down on them. On air tours in and around Sedona, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that, whether you take on of the many airplane excursions or helicopter tours offered. These excursions vary widely in length. Those on tight budgets or on a time crunch can find tours that last a fraction of an hour, while those with more flexible schedules can spend nearly the entire day in the air! For a totally unique experience, why not try a flight on a hot air balloon?

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Sedona Air Tours


Among the many places you might see on a helicopter tour or airplane excursion in Sedona is the iconic Bell Rock, ancient cave dwellings , and Slide Rock State Park. And, of course, there’s always the option of taking a longer Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Sedona, which is located just north of Sedona. If you’re super adventurous, then select a helicopter tour that soars deep within the surrounding canyons, and make a memory that you’ll never forget!

Sedona air tours are the perfect way to see areas wide-ranging beauty with breathtaking efficiency. Hikes are, of course, wonderful, but there’s no way to hike all of Sedona in a day or even a week. But on a plane or chopper, you can comfortably soar through the hot desert sky, and let your eyes behold—in its entirety—one of the most beautiful terrains on the planet.


Helicopter Tours – Sedona

Helicopter Tours

30 Minute Sedona Helicopter Adventure

Starting At: $205/person


Helicopters have the ability to both land in tight spaces, where no runway can be found, and hover over any location. As such helicopter tours are especially for those wanting to get a close-up look at some of Sedona’s many beautiful sites and natural wonders. Some of the most popular tours are the helicopter rides offered at one of America´s most scenic airports.

Let seasoned helicopter pilots fly you into majestic canyons, hover alongside ancient cliff dwellings situated high up in the canyon walls, soar over narrow dividing ridges and showcase the countless red rock formations from a bird´s eye perspective! A helicopter tour in Sedona counts among the once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences worldwide.


Air Tours – Sedona

Sedona Biplane

20 Minute Biplane Flight Over Sedona

Starting At: $137/Person



If a flying in a helicopter is not adventurous enough for you, why not take an exciting air excursion on board a vintage biplane. The “Red Baron”, which most visitors to Sedona have seen flying high above the skies of Sedona, is a classic Waco biplane. You can even take the controls of the plane – if you dare. Customize your own flight, or go on a pre-selected tour designed by seasoned pilots who are passionate about sharing this unique experience with visitors.

Traditional aircraft, on the other hand, offer more comfort, endurance and cover larger distances in less time. For those wanting to see more and larger scale sights, such as the Grand Canyon, and airplane excursion might be the better fit. For those of you who would prefer to venture to other far off areas, there are also several air tour companies in Sedona that offer “destination” flights to other national parks in northern Arizona, such as Grand Canyon or Monument Valley.


Hot Air Balloon – Sedona

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Ballon flights Over Sedona

Sedona Sunrise Balloon Experience

Starting At: $212/Person


Quietly floating in the skies over Sedona at dawn, gently pushed along by desert breezes while beams of early morning sunlight bathe the red rocks below during the day´s first golden light – not many experiences compare to the amazing adventure of a hot air balloon ride over Sedona´s red rocks! Hot Air Balloon outfitters in Sedona have daily sunrise trips on our oldest means of air travel. Experience the unforgettable feeling of gently floating through clear-blue Sedona, Arizona skies, of soaring like an eagle among the highest red rock peaks of Sedona. devour the breathtaking beauty of the lush Verde Valley, the lofty Mingus Mountain, the vast Colorado Plateau and the southern edge of the Mogollon rim from a bird´s eye view, and truly survey the infinite extent of this remarkable landscape from high above the ground!

Your experienced and certified hot air balloon pilot will help spot for wildlife while hugging the landscape at low levels, and take you on an exhilarating ascent into higher elevations, and show you an aerial close-up of the red rock cliffs. Finally, you will lightly float back to the ground again, where a champagne toast under the early desert sun awaits you. Hot Air Ballooning is a great thing to do in Sedona.

Attention, late risers! Due to the calm winds of Sedona’s early mornings, hot air balloon rides are only offered during sunrise. Your hotel pickup will occur before sunrise – and, for better or worse, sunrise in Arizona can be as early as 5 a.m. in the summertime!

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