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One of the cutest places to see art galleries in Sedona is also one of the best places to shop. Head to Tlaquepaque, pronounced “Tuh-la-keh-pah-keh,” for a Mexican-style shopping village that’ll satisfy even the most rabid mall rat.

Art GalleriesHere you’ll find over 40 shops of every kind. If you’re looking for art galleries, Tlaquepaque’s got you covered. Hoping to find some Southwestern jewelry? Here, there’s more than you could possibly fit in your car. Additionally, the shopping village offers Mexican restaurants, clothing boutiques, and other specialty retailers, like a blown glass store and a bronze sculpture vendor. All this in the middle of an ancient Sycamore forest and painted adobe walls!

Tlaquepaque features special events, as well. In early December there’s the one-of-a-kind Festival of Lights, in which 6,000 luminaries are lit. A couple weeks earlier is the Festival of Trees, when 40-plus elaborately-decorated Christmas trees and cacti are put on display. Any time of year, there’s something different going on here. So check Tlaquepaque’s calendar of events, and combine your shopping trip with a more seasonal experience.

Beyond the streets of Tlaquepaque are numerous art galleries in and around the town of Sedona. The amazing landscapes surrounding Sedona and undoubtedly the inspiration for the multitudes of art galleries in the ares. The Sedona Arts Center is a Uptown Sedona institution, which includes a school and gallery, with works exhibited by various artists. Back in 1958 a gentleman by the name of Nassan Gobran along with a group of local artists originally purchased the old Jordan Apple and Peach Packing facility and turned it into the “Art Barn,” a place for local artists to congregate and share their artistic dreams. The old barn still stands here today and has since continued to be a community-centered school and gallery where artists can learn from each other and exhibit their works for all to enjoy in the Members Art Gallery.


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