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Until you’ve been on the Colorado River, you’ll never truly appreciate how powerful it is. Of course, many know that this 1,500-mile-long torrent is responsible for eroding tons of limestone and sandstone, a process from which the Grand Canyon resulted. But there’s nothing like a first-hand experience to appreciate one of Mother Nature’s finest creations. For that reason, grab a paddle and hop into a raft—it’s time you enjoy Colorado River Rafting and its thrill!

Colorado River Rafting

Colorado River Rafting From Sedona

Starting At: $253  

Head north from Sedona to the Glen Canyon Dam, and from there, set off for a river float like none other. On this full-day tour, you’ll enjoy five-to-six hours peacefully meandering down the Colorado River.    


Although it’d be impossible to navigate the entire Grand Canyon by boat in single day—it is, after all, 280 miles long—you’re sure to get more than a fair share of action and relaxation on any rafting excursion, even if it’s only a few hours long. Choose a five-hour whitewater portion of the Colorado River on the Hualapai Indian Reservation, and you’ll encounter punishing rapids up to Class IV difficulty, en route to Travertine Falls. Or select a more laid back section of the river, and float gently down the stream as cliffs and clouds capture the attention of your upward gaze. Colorado River Float Trips are a great way to relaxe and see the sights. Either way, Colorado River rafting is an experience to last you a life time.

A rafting trip is perfect for nature lovers, too. The Colorado River is home to countless species of flora and fauna, and you’ll be able to spot them from your vessel. Look up to the sky, and you may find that you’re being circled by a California Condor or Bald Eagle. Or look to the hills for the bighorn sheep and coyotes that are spying on you. Along the way, your guides will point out ancient rock art and a multitude of ancient ruins.

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