Sedona Horseback Riding

There’s no better way to experience the desert of Sedona than on horseback. Sedona horseback riding allows you to enjoy the region from a high on the back of a horse, you’ll get unbelievable visual access to the many sights that make this southwestern town such an unforgettable vacation destination.

Sedona Horseback Riding

Sedona Horseback Riding

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Hop into a saddle and don’t look back. On this horseback riding excursion, you’ll experience 90 minutes atop a trained steed that will wind you along the banks of Oak Creek, near to Javelina Leap Vineyard, and then onto an old, 19th century stagecoach trail.


Sedona horseback riding tours can accommodate any type of rider, from the totally inexperienced to the highly skilled. Likewise, they can be customized so that you’re able to see whatever most interests you, whether that’s views of the red rock spires and mountains in the distance, or the famous saguaro and prickly pear cacti that pepper the desert landscape. And because this is Arizona, you’ll almost certainly enjoy it all while under the spotlight of a blazing sun!

Horseback RidingRides last from as long as a full-day to as short as a single hour. At the same time, if you’re new to the sport of horseback riding, you should exercise caution and select a trip no longer than two hours. Believe it or not, this activity is by no means passive; it is, in fact, physically taxing. Like any sport, doing it for too long without building up to it, and you’ll find yourself struggling to walk the next day!

Most Sedona horseback riding tours begin with a short orientation, including tips and techniques on how to mount and dismount, steer, and command your steed to speed up and slow down. After that, you’ll get up on your horse (with or without outside assistance) and go riding off into the desert behind an experienced cowboy or cowgirl. During that time, you’ll get to look down at the cacti and mesquite trees while looking out for any number of lizards that are perched on the rocks, soaking up the sun. Meanwhile, above you, majestic black hawks, eagles, and vultures will patrol the skies in search of their next meal.

Sedona horseback riding guides are invaluable to these tours, as they open up the region’s past and present. For example, you may have the chance to find out how agave are used in the tequila production process or how the roots of the soaptree yucca shrub are harnessed by Native Americans to create shampoo, even to this day. You’ll also learn about the red sandstone formations that crop up in the distance, from how they got their names, to the geological processes that created them millions of years ago. In addition, you’ll hear about southwestern history, including the legends and true tales of the region’s first settlers.

When selecting a tour company, please consider a few things. For one, please note that no commercial Sedona horseback riding trips take place on the red rocks themselves. Since overuse tends to damage the fragile sandstone, horsebacking ought to be done atop the private trails of the many ranches that are situated just outside of Sedona. For another, consider the time of your expedition. While fall, winter, and spring are temperate all the day long, Sedona summers can get hot in the afternoon. Therefore, should you find yourself here during the summer, it is advisable that you select an early morning or late-afternoon horseback ride.

If you follow our advice, then there’s nothing stopping you from having the time of your life the next time you’re in Sedona. From our point of view, it’s safe to say: a tour by horseback can’t be beat!

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