Jerome Arizona

Take a trip to Jerome Arizona from Sedona

Jerome Arizona is big in attractions, though little-known and small in size. Located in the Black Hills of northern Arizona, it is located at more than a mile above sea level and features a rich mining history of boom and subsequent bust. Visitors to Jerome Arizona will be dazzled by its small-town charm and ghost town past. 

Believe it or not, Jerome Arizona used to be the fourth largest city in the state, reaching its nadir at 15,000 during the 1920’s. What attracted people to the somewhat remote town? Copper! Indeed, Jerome used to burst with the semi-precious metal, and in its heyday, produced over three-million pounds of the stuff per month during the World War I era, when copper demand increased exponentially. Also found in these parts were tons of gold, silver, lead, and zinc ore. Nevertheless, this period of hustle and bustle was relatively short-lived; it lasted a mere 70 years, from the late-1880’s into the early 1950’s. 

Jerome, ArizonaNow, Jerome Arizonais a ghost town—the largest in America, actually—and is more known for its tourism than for its copper. It features an array of century-old buildings that were constructed after the fires of 1894 and ’99, including the popular “Cribs District,” all of which can be explored during your next visit to northern Arizona. And thanks to the Jerome Historical Society, you can travel back in time when you discover the mines (in addition to the Mining Museum) that once made the city a leading southwestern destination. 

Moreover, visitors to Jerome Arizona will be delighted by its local shops and galleries. Artisans and free spirits comprise most of the town’s 450-or-so residents, meaning that you’re sure to take home a unique souvenir or two. Plus, you can rest comfortably at the many hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts that pepper the area in and around Jerome. Many of these date back to the early 20th century, meaning you’ll not only get a great night’s sleep, but also, the charm of a bygone era. 

Finally, Jerome offers access to a number of special attractions, including the Jerome Winery on Clark Street; Douglas Mansion, the former home of copper magnate James Douglas, which overlooks the vestiges of the United Verde Extension Mine; and Cliff Castle Casino in nearby Camp Verde. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite for the historic town, we don’t know what will! Again, Jerome Arizona may be small, but the opportunities here are big.

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