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Native American Tours from Sedona

The American Southwest was once a thriving melting pot of Native American tribes. On your next trip to Sedona, head northeast to see these fascinating cultures and communities, with a journey out to the Hopi and Navajo Reservations on a variety of native american tours. 

antelope canyon

Antelope Canyon Tour

Formed by millions of years of erosion, this deep, narrow canyon is equal parts mysterious and spectacular. You’ll experience an intense sense of exhilaration as ever-changing sunlight highlights it’s graceful curves. Starting At: $165


In and around Sedona, there are several sites bearing witness to a thousand-year old pueblo culture which settled throughout the Southwest. You may opt to take a guided tour, or you can venture out by yourself. At ruin sites like Palatki (managed by the National Forest Service) and Honanki, just a few miles down a dirt road outside of town, you can explore the adobe brick ruins of these people and marvel at extensive pictographs and petroglyphs in which they recorded their history. At Montezuma Castle or Tuzigoot (both managed by the National Park Service), both about a half-hour drive from Sedona, you can gaze upon virtual cities where these people dwelled. You will also be able to see the remainders of their orchards and fields, and possibly stumble across ancient pottery sherds – marvel at them, but please leave them where you found them.


Hopi Lands and Culture

Hopi Girl

Full Day Hopi Indian Cultural Tour

Starting At: $165/Person

Experience native american culture with an exciting trip through Hopi Country, where you will have the chance to see some amazing historical villages, and experience a truly ancient culture.


The Hopi Reservation is less than a four-hour drive from Sedona. Here, you can interact with the descendants of the Sinagua, made famous for their farming techniques that harnessed water strictly from the summer monsoons. At Old Oraibi or Walpi, you’ll get a glimpse at an ancient civilization that prizes pottery, carvings, metalwork, and other art forms. You may even get to hear stories about the past from tribal elders! Whether you come on a guided tour, or do it alone, you’re sure to find something fascinating on the Hopi Reservation.


Navajo Lands and Culture

Monument Valley

Full Day Monument Valley Tour

Starting At: $209/Person

This is a unique tour that takes you on an exraordinary journey to the enchanted lands of the Navajo. You will travel through the red stone monoliths that are truly an icon of the southwest.


You can also go to Monument Valley, an area of the Colorado Plateau, which resides right on the border of Arizona and Utah in the midst of Navajo country. Here, you’ll see spectacular, towering buttes, some of which extend to a thousand feet. It’s no wonder the natives call this area the “Valley of the Rocks.” Visitors to the Navajo Reservation should also be prepared for intricately-woven garments and baskets, which are produced locally.

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