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Sedona ATV Tours

Scamper off into the Sedona desert during a selection of ATV tours. ATV tours are an excellent way to experience the region with the assistance of a professional, who will take you out to the town’s famous landmarks while narrating the entire journey. And unlike many tours where you’re a passive rider, an ATV tour empowers you to drive for yourself, as conservatively or aggressively as you wish!

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Sedona ATV Tours

ATV tours in Sedona generally begin with brief training sessions, where you’ll receive all sorts of helpful advice on handling the vehicle and staying safe. After that, you’ll head out on an off-road desert trail for approximately 30 miles of sightseeing in an area that’s widely featured on the big screen, due to its unique look. If the conditions are right, you may have the chance to ascend to new heights and actually look down on Verde Valley from hundreds of feet above it.


Sedona Off Road Tours

3 Hour Guided Sedona ATV Tour

Come see in person what you’ve seen for so long in the movies—the West Sedona Valley! This popular filming location is the perfect setting for this three-hour, 30-mile, off-road ATV excursion. 

Starting At: $130/Person


Finally, Sedona ATV tours can be customized to accommodate age, individual interests, and skill level. They depart in the morning and afternoon, too, meaning that they can accommodate most any schedule. In other words, there’s no reason to hesitate—the perfect ATV tour is waiting for you, guaranteed!

What to go it alone and not take one of Sedona’s ATV tours? Several rental companies offer ATV rentals in the area. The rental companies will provide you with area maps, safety instruction, coolers with ice and gear. This is a great option for those that are adventurous and what to go it alone. Rentals of All-Terrain-Vehicles also allow for a slower pace to truly appreciate this amazing area.


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