Sedona Tours From Phoenix

Taking a Sedona Tour From Phoenix

If you’re located in the Valley of the Sun but have been hoping to make your way up to the more temperate climate on a  Sedona tour from Phoenix, you’re in luck! There are a variety of Sedona tours to choose from, in the blink of an eye, allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of Arizona’s red rock country. Although plane and helicopter options are available, most tours travel by coach from Phoenix up to Sedona. One main reason is that the drive north is breathtaking and full of worthwhile places to stop. For example, you may find yourself dropping in at the mining town of Jerome, or taking a tour of Montezuma’s Castle, where millennium-old cave dwellings are located. 


Sedona Tour from Phoenix

This tour will take you to Montezuma Castle, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and the shopping district in Sedona. You’ll also go for a 90-minute Jeep ride off in the red rocks for sightseeing like you wouldn’t believe. Starting At: $166


Once you arrive on your Sedona tour from Phoenix, you’ll get upwards of three hours to spend discovering the town. You’ll make stops at or near the town’s many famous red rock formations, including Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock, as well as at the architectural wonder known as the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Other stops may include Sedona’s famous vortexes; Airport Mesa, an elevated plain that is one of Sedona’s best places to catch a sunset or sunrise; and Tlaquepaque, an amazing shopping district that resembles a traditional Mexican village. 

In short, tours to Sedona from Phoenix are accessible, affordable, and fun, and can easily be done in a day. And with the help of a seasoned company, they’re sure to be painless and informative, as well!

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